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From HELLONEWSCT.COM: Editorial: In My Opinion A Rare Endorsement

Redding, CT November 4, 2019:by Susan Winters, Publisher, (Please note that this is an editorial and is my own opinion!) When you receive your ballot at the Community Center on Tuesday, November 5, you will have the opportunity to choose from many hard working and dedicated neighbors who wish to give service to our community. The Reddingites that are elected for the Boards will be volunteering to work, on top of their own jobs, long hours for no financial renumeration. I applaud and respect all of these wonderful volunteers for taking on the somewhat thankless but often rewarding challenge of doing this work.

hello, Redding’s policy is not to endorse candidates, but this year I feel compelled to make a personal endorsement for one candidate who stands out. Sort of a letter to the editor from the editor while she has rare time off.

And, just because I chose one candidate to Shout Out, doesn't mean that I don’t also admire and appreciate others from both parties who are running this cycle.

That’s a lot of preamble for me to get to the point…

Michael Hoffman has proven himself as a member of the Board of Education for the past four years

Mike came into his role on the BoE during a time of contention. The Boards of Finance and Education were not getting along due to a soaring school budget during a time of declining student enrollment. The BoE continued to submit larger budgets while the BoF was asking for creativity to do more with less. While some on the BoE were uncooperative and dug in their heels, Mike stepped in to quietly liaison between the groups. He brought substantial change by leading the negotiations for the teachers contract… changing the salary ladder from 12 steps to the 16 that is standard around other districts in the state. Eighty percent of our teachers were making the top salary (over $100,000) after 12 years. After the new contract was signed, any new hires now have to wait 4 additional years.

Some members of the Board of Ed have stated that their goal is only to do the best for the schools. We all want that… but the fiscal responsibly for the budget is only partially paid by the parents of the children currently in the schools. Most of the school budget is paid for through taxes by the empty nesters, the seniors and those with no children. Mike understands this and is very cognizant of the other factors involved. We all want great schools, and make no mistake about it that we do have great schools, but many residents on fixed incomes just can’t afford higher taxes. Mike, along with Laura Hoeing, fought against the increased budgets submitted by the rest of the BoE. Example: two years ago, our homes being re evaluated by the town and the SALT (state and local takes) deduction reduced. Hoffman knew this would be too much for those on a fixed income. I attended a lot of board meetings and watched others online. I was stunned to hear other BoE members completely disregard this as if the school operated in a vacuum. And, horrified when parents said it was time for the old people in town to leave so more young families could move in. It was difficult for Mike and Laura to hold their ground, but they did it, and they stayed dignified.

Read Michael Hoffman’s impressive candidate statement for more of his accomplishments and future goals.

Mike steps up and is unrelenting in his pursuit of fairness. He is well aware of the needs of all of the stakeholders… the parents, the children and the rest of the community who foot the bill. He is approachable and takes all comments seriously.

Mike works hard to be fair and honest and to balance the needs of the town as a whole.

As an unaffiliated voter in Redding for the past almost 30 years, I make it a priority to vote for the person, not the party. My leanings may be on the liberal side, but I have voted my conscience. What difference does a party make anyway when a candidate can be Republican one election and Democrat the next?

Michael Hoffman has my vote on November 5.

Please remember that this is an editorial and is my own personal opinion. Thank you

Please Help Us Fight for Strong Leadership in Redding

Chris Hocker
Chris Hocker
Mike Hoffman
Mike Hoffman
Bill Miller
Bill Miller
As is often the case in Redding, many of the races for Town positions this year are uncontested. Two important races, however, ARE contested: the Redding Board of Education, and the Region 9 (Joel Barlow High School) Board of Education. There are significant differences between the two parties' slates for these positions in terms of experience, qualifications, and overall approach to balancing taxpayer concernsChris Hockerwith educational needs of our students.

Our Redding Board of Education candidates, Michael Hoffman and William Miller, are staunch proponents of maintaining educational excellence at the elementary and middle schools (which helps both our kids and our property values), while at the same time holding the line on excessive and unnecessary spending. Unfortunately, their Democrat opponents have not shown the same concern for lightening the burden on taxpayers.

Our Region 9 Board of Education candidate, Chris Hocker, is widely respected for his thoughtful, balanced approach to issues at Barlow during his previous terms on the Board. Neither Barlow nor the taxpayers can afford to lose a Board member of Chris's experience and stature.

And this leads to another important point about this year's Redding election: Democrats are quite openly trying to turn our local election into a referendum on national personalities and issues instead of focusing on local concerns. As Redding Republicans, we reject this misguided approach; our primary concern is to maintain and improve upon Redding's quality of life and values.

We believe that we have by far the strongest, best qualified slate of candidates for Redding's Boards of Education, candidates with proven experience who will concentrate on addressing our local educational issues as well as taxpayer concerns. But they are in serious danger of losing if we cannot run a strong campaign between now and the November 5 election to get our message out and make our candidates' qualifications known to the voters.

Will you help us with a generous contribution to the Redding Republican Town Committee of $100, $250, $500 or more*? Anything you can do will be of enormous assistance to our efforts over the next few weeks.

Please click the "Donate" button now -- and make a contribution by credit card (or, if you prefer contributing by check, you can download our contribution form here).

Redding Republican Town Committee announces November 5, 2019 Slate of Candidates

Mike Hoffman, Bill Miller and Chris Hocker will lead the fight for Educational Excellence and Fiscal Responsibility. Click here to read more.

For the rest of the slate of candidates, click here.

Three Joel Barlow Students Receive Republican Awards

(Redding June 12)Three Joel Barlow High School Students were recipients of awards sponsored by the Redding Republican Town Committee as part of JBHS Award Night on May 31st.
The students and awards given were:
Julia Mullin – The Ronald Reagan Award for a member of the junior class demonstrating excellence in history and/or social sciences.
Jack Warren – The Dwight D. Eisenhower Award for a member of the junior class demonstrating excellence in math and/or science.
Molly Healey – The David A. Sanford Award for a student demonstrating commitment to Redding’s Emergency Medical Services

Chris Hocker, Vice Chair of the Redding Republican Town Committee and member of the Region 9 Board of Education, presented the awards.

Michael Thompson, Chair of the Republican Town Committee, remarked, “The Redding Republicans are proud of our long term tradition of participating in Joel Barlow’s annual award night by being able to cite students for their academic and civic achievements.”

The selection of students receiving the awards was made by a panel of the faculty and administration of Joel Barlow High School.

Paid for by the Redding Republican Town Committee, Gary H. Miyashiro, Treasurer. Approved by the Redding Republican Town Committee.

Redding Republican Town Committee
Chairman,Michael Thompson